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June, 2018: Writer's Digest Competition editors picked my story as one of four of 300 entrants for voters to choose. Read "A Dead Sea" here.

June, 2018: "Myth of the Dragon Slayer" published in Tuck Magazine!

October 19, 2018: "Death by Numbers" receives honorable mention in the 2018 Literary Taxidermy Competition.

October 21, 2019: "No Woman No Cry" receives honorable Mention in the

2019 Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition.

November 2019: "Powder Blue" published in Literary Mama.


January, 2020: Took until now, but I learned my manuscript for "Timelocked," then called "Creatures of Time," took second place in 2018's Ink and Insights

July 2021: Made it into the second round of NYC After Midnight's "100-word Flash Fiction Competition."

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