December 7, 2017: Sending a query letter to my first agent this week. Wish me luck!

December 10, 2017: Just sent my second query, this time to NY. Gulp.

Now the difficult part: I have to wait up to eight weeks before I hear anything back.


December 14, 2017: Participated in my first Twitter pitch-fest, #SFFPit, for Sci Fi and Fantasy writers.

April 11, 2018: Heard back from four of the six agents I've bites yet!


May, 2018: Sent three pieces of flash fiction to a contest; waiting on results of a fourth that made it to the finals in a Writer's Digest competition.

June, 2018: Didn't win the Writer's Digest Competition, but editors picked my story as one of four of 300 entrants for voters to choose! Read "A Dead Sea" here.

June, 2018: My story, "Myth of the Dragon Slayer," published in Tuck Magazine!

October 19, 2018: My story, "Death by Numbers" receives honorable mention in the 2018 Literary Taxidermy Competition.

February, 2019: Scored in the top three of submissions to Ink and Insights Master Level competition. Waiting to hear from agents on final placement.

January, 2020: Took until now, but I learned I made second place in Ink and Insights

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