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Molly’s first story at the age of five was a salty-sweet romance about a shy hot dog who falls in love with a glamorous banana. Since then, her love of stories and storytelling has never stopped.

Growing up in three countries before she returned to the United States when she was twelve years old, Molly wrote fantastic tales fueled by the landscapes and people of Hong Kong, Tokyo and the English countryside where she lived.

After completing her degree at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in the mountains of Virginia, she became an on-air radio journalist for Voice of America in Washington, DC, a public relations professional in San Francisco, and a magazine editor and marketing/advertising communications consultant in Minneapolis. Writing magazine articles and marketing copy by day, she wrote short stories by night, including personal essays through the blog, Seriously. And while raising two daughters, she created stories, voiced characters and co-wrote a family book called Monsters Love Peanut Butter, building story lines and narrative voices for future characters.

Her first novel, Timelocked, is an urban/historical fantasy about a student at an all-women’s college in the 1980s who is charged by the Greek Sphinx to find a treasure of immeasurable value. Fail and her little brother dies. On her quest to find the treasure, she unearths hidden truths and malevolent actors who want to use her for their own designs, forcing her to make choices that could affect the fate of all of humanity.

Molly’s nearly completed second novel, Winter Lioness, is a historical fantasy about two young women from two different eras in Britain brought together by the mercurial, ancient goddess who endowed them with magical powers to change the course of history.

Molly has also created Stranger Our Imaginings, a visual-poetry book that combines her haikus with her fanciful, culturally relevant paper collages.

In all her work, her goal is to be honest, entertain, and delight while tapping into the universal and eternal.

"escape" by Molly Kelash, 2022

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