Feather 4

I wrote my first story at the age of five about a hot dog who falls in love with a banana. I haven't stopped writing since. I grew up in fantastic places (Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Oxford) until I was 12 years old, and continued to pen fanciful tales about talking animals and fictional lands, influenced by whatever fantasy or sci-fi novel I could get my hands on.


My lifelong, voracious reading appetite and passion for writing led me to work professionally as a reporter in Washington, DC, a public relations consultant in San Francisco, and a copywriter and communications consultant in Minneapolis. For several years, I wrote a blog called Seriously about the vagaries of parenting and life as a way to process the intensity of rearing young children.


My first novel, Creatures of Time, is an as yet unpublished adult/young adult crossover,  contemporary/historical fantasy about an eighteen-year-old in 1985 forced by a Greek Sphinx to find an invaluable item that reveals a hidden world where eternal forces battle for control. With the help of new college friends, she embarks on an adventure to solve a mystery and unlock truths her long-dead grandmother tried to hide.


My first draft of my second novel, the Winter Lioness, is near completion. Two young women from different historical periods – one from Victorian London, the other from Celtic Britannia fighting Roman domination – merge their magical powers to change the course of history.

I write short stories in many genres, some of which have been published or received awards. And just for fun, I've started writing haiku almost every day.


My goal in everything is to entertain and delight as well as tap into the universal and eternal.