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Molly Kelash, 2022

she gathers shy light

from a lonely golden sun

to find her way home 

~Molly Kelash


Molly Kelash is a novelist, published short story writer and artist.

Her first complete novel, Timelocked, is an urban fantasy/historical mystery that captures the tale of Maddie Parker, a freshman attending Virginia’s Eastmore College nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains. When she comes face to face with a massive Greek Sphinx in the woods near campus, she knows this meeting won’t be their last. The winged, half-lion, half-human she-creature returns and demands she return by year’s end a treasure concealed in a riddle. If she fails, her little brother will die.

Maddie and new friends Daniela, wild-child Kat, and crush Oliver follow clues hidden inside college archives, letters and journals taking them on a journey that unearths hidden truths and malevolent actors who want to use Maddie for their own designs, forcing her to make choices that could affect the fate of all of humanity.

Her nearly completed second novel, Winter Lioness, is a historical fantasy about two young women from two different eras in Britain whose magical powers are brought together by a mercurial, ancient goddess to change the course of history.

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