Creatures of Time

An epic, mysterious historical fantasy for young adults that sweeps across time and continents, myth and history.

It is 1985, and bookish, wounded-by-childhood Madeline O'Rourke is thrilled to start the same college her grandmother attended in the 1930s. Thrilled that her real life is finally about to begin.


But her bright imaginings become a surreal nightmare when she's haunted not only by a terrifying monster, but by an inherited fate worse than death and a daunting quest she and her new friends must race to fulfill -- or lose everyone, and possibly everything, they love. 


"Molly Kelash has written a novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. With its mysterious and often mystical elements and realistic psychological underpinnings, she also speaks to the hunger in each of us for love and companionship that too often leads us astray."

~Francine Ringold, Ph.D., Oklahoma Poet Laureate, 2003-2007; former editor-in-chief, Nimrod international Journal